Recording info is as follows for effect sound clips:

All clips are played with the guitar described in each clip, with the pickup or pickups noted.

The Barber Echelon amplifier was set dead clean, with a "blackface" style clean sound. The level of the Echelon was a little over conversation level, you could talk over the sound in the recording room by slightly raising your voice. The cab is a 2x12" loaded with a stock Eminence V112 8 ohm speaker (vintage british sounding speaker).

The recording signal chain was as follows: Sure beta 57 at a distance of 1 1/2" and slightly off axis, a Langevin dual vocal combo was used without EQ, only as a mic pre. The sound card is an Aardvark LX6 with the latest drivers. The recording program is Sonar 2.5. The "live room" to record the sounds is our shop with cement walls and floor and no sound treatments of any kind. The control room is half of our office, also no sound treatment of any kind. I would describe our recording setup as an average small home studio for creating song demos. All clips played by David Barber except where noted.

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