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Boom! It's the Barber Electronics rare, discontinued, shop-pedal and B-stock sale. We have a bunch of freshly tested pedals at great prices, many of these are quite hard to find. email first for availability. Most of the B-stock are very clean or like new.


Updated list 9-25-16, The list has gotten much smaller, great prices on hard to find gear, if you are still on the fence!


1/2 Gainer (Half Gainer), dual channel, bass and presence trims, one left! $119
DD DC  (Direct Drive Dual Channel!), very rare and in demand, last one $189.95
Super Sport  blue crinkle finish with B-B-buff. Same circuit as racing stripe model $110!!!
Dirty Bomb, one left! $69
Compact Tone Press  B-stock (3) $110
Direct Drive Low Gain (DD LG), bass and presence trims, only one left! $99
Tone Press  B-stock (4) $89
Direct Drive  bass and presence trims B-stock (5) $79
Direct Drive  with bass and presence trims, old masking tape on side panel, has medium wear, but works very nice. $59!


PLEASE, be sure you want an item before saying you would like to buy it, I've had a couple of people commit to an item, I marked it "sold", then they thought about it and decided they could not afford to spend the money at the moment. Please allow for items to stay available for other buyers if you are not actually sure yet. Thanks!




Upcoming: A special edition Direct Drive that has classic sounds from our Super Sport overdrive, that are tuned to match the Custom Shop internal trim settings, and a classic early Burn Unit circuit too! The toggles handle switching between Super Sport and Burn Unit, and the second toggle gives you three positions of harmonics and dynamics that can be applied to either the Burn Unit or Super Sport sounds.