Introducing the Barber Exacta fuzz, and the B.U.S.S!

The Barber Exacta dials in trippy fuzz perfection. Now there is a vintage fuzz that is not picky about placement in the signal chain, and works fantastically with humbuckers and single coil pickups! We include two toggle switches to allow 2 classic fuzz circuits, which include the Triangle fuzz and Jumbo Tonebender sounds, along with an extra sweet flattened-mids version of the Triangle fuzz sound, then there's the Sludge-switch which selects perfect girth for single coil, bridge humbucker and neck humbucker...who knew?

Crazy sustain, enhanced EQ, sweeter than 10 packets of sugar in your morning coffee, and Barber's unmatched build quality and service. Available now!


The B.U.S.S brings back the classic sounds of our Burn Unit and Super Sport pedals (hence the BUSS name). The Burn Unit's sounds are big and fat, and were tuned to match a $50K Dumble ODS that was sitting in the shop for nearly a year while we tuned and listened, and tuned away. The Super Sport nails down those muscular modified Marshall tones of the late 70s and 80s. The first toggle switch between the Burn Unit and Super Sport sounds, while the second toggle selects levels of harmonics and dynamics. Starts shipping end of December!


The Exacta and the B.U.S.S are 100% hand made in the USA, with lots of cool hard to find through-hole components and only $149.95


Instruction manual