Hand made in the USA



Barber LTD SR (special recipe)



The LTD SR has a nearly flat response when the tone control is dead center, even flatter than our Silver LTD, yet the tone control on the SR is very strong for players who need more powerful eq options from their mild sweet toned overdrive. The LTD SR includes internal trim pots for bass and presence to help dial in perfect matching tone to your bypass sound. The LTD SR is hand built, dialed-in and tested by Ronni in his Baltimore B-Custom shop. B-Custom reprents the highest quality guitar effects available today, and at a price that is clearly competitive with mass produced pedals.


The Barber LTD SR is discontinued (no longer in production). Try calling our dealers to see if you can find one that is still in stock...there is no "sell-by date."

Was $139.95

Includes dc jack . (ac power adaptor not included)

current draw 12ma