The Story

The LTD was requested over and over again by the legions of low gain overdrive players that have been forced to try to "shoe-horn" higher gain drives into service by operating them in the lowest part of their drive range. The LTD has been designed from the ground up for the low gain player. Now players of many styles including Blues, country, jazz, funk and beyond have the realistic mild breakup pedal that requires no excuses.

The Sound

With a perfectly tuned drive and tone controls you will hear terms like clean, purring, bloom, twang, sweet, balanced, smooth, clear, sustain, harmonics etc... flying through your head and hands!

Was $129.95 discontinued (no longer in production) Please check with our dealers to see if they have remaining stock.

Includes dc jack . (ac power adaptor not included)

current draw 12ma



LTD Manual

Hear it!



The LTD dishes out some of the sweetest and clearest overdrive ever heard! The king of chord clarity will unravel even the most complex of chords. The v2 adds a little more bass, less mids and a bit more open on top...just what the players have ordered!