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Compact Direct Drive v4!


Measuring only 2.3” wide, the NEW Compact Direct Drive brings a colossal catalog of vintage British voice to your pedal-board. We packed the most desirable sounds of the Direct Drive, Direct Drive Low Gain (LG) and Super Sport into one clean and compact pedal. If you like the sound of the early UK combos with kt66 tubes, it's in there. If you bleed for the sound of a 4 input head with a wall of 4x12 cabs, it's in there. If you live for the sound of a carefully modified master volume gem from the early 80's, it's in there too. The Compact Direct Drive uses a simple layout of three knobs, a gain toggle and a harmonics toggle to delivery it's wide array from elastic-bells of GZ34-sag, to the hells-bells of a tight EL34-crush. Throw away the clock, tell the family you're taking a solo holiday, there is a Compact Direct Drive on the way.

The Compact Direct Drive has real honest solder lugs for jacks, true-bypass footswitch, toggles and pots. There are no worries about PCB mounted thru-panel parts that can’t be serviced on the road, or that lead to high cost repairs. Nothing but the best tried and true hand-built methods adorn the interior of the Barber Electronics Direct Drive. The Direct Drive has a generous 2 1/2” of clearance between the front edge of the footswitch and the back edge of the knobs, no fear about accidentally changing your settings with each click of your footswitch.

Updated in 2020 with a new look, v4, 3 levels of midrange selectable with 3-way toggle, gain switch expanded to 3way toggle which adds 3rd hyper dynamic "4 in input" style sound.


Check out Bryan Ewald's demo

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Stock changes, email before sending paypal.

Ordering is easy, just send an email to david@barberelectronics.com and we will update on stock and color available, then send you a paypal invoice. In stock items ship the next business day and travel USPS priority.

Specifications, color and knobs subject to change.

current draw 12ma, 9-18 VDC negative tip. (power adaptor not included)

(does not accept internal batteries)

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