B-Custom Dual Discrete.


The B-Custom Dual Discrete is the ultimate in customized highly tweakable dual overdrive pedals:

This baby is all about choices, choose between three enclosure colors, choose your knobs (you can mix colors with knobs), then choose any two of our "three knob" overdrive units ( Super Sport, Tone Pump, LTD, LTD SR, Direct Drive LG). If you want the ultimate buffered bypass, look no further than the B-Buff. Ronni builds each Dual Discrete Drive by hand and to your specs in the B-Custom shop


This dual format saves space on pedalboards, uses one less cable than two pedal (better tone), and Ronni adds in extra controls on many of the circuits to make them more tweakable (like mids, or note shape). Measures only 3.7"x5.7"x1.5".



New low price! $249.95 with true bypass!

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9vdc 20ma